Iwako Erasers

In our school, year 5 love iwako erasers. These are little rubbers which are like puzzles in everything you could think of like dustbins, motorbikes and even monkeys!!! These rubbers are so much fun to play with some people don't know that they are even rubbers. These rubbers are made in Japan and are made by a company called Iwako this store is not just full of erasers but much more. Including Pencils, Pens and pads a bit like a WHSmith but Japanese


Artbox is a Japanese shop in England. It sells lots of cute and loveable stationary and toys. If you are living in England and you are Japanese frenzy this is the shop for you. 

There shops are in Covent Garden, London and Selfriges London. This ideal store is full of Hello Kitty, Iwako and much much more!!!

 General Shopping

In Japan, shopping is MASSIVE. Full of amazing stuff, including Hello Kitty. In Japan, Japanese people are obsessed with cute little characters. Because of this, Japan is a very creative country and full of creative ideas !!!

 Written by Year 5 pupils

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