One Friday, year 5 and 6 had a person come in and tell us about Japanese tea ceremonies. Some people said that the tea was really bitter but others said that it was really nice. The Japanese lady also brought in some biscuits (which had seaweed around them) for us to eat with the tea. They were delicious. The lady talked to us about a lot of things! For example, fans, kimono and how to drink tea with the right posture (interesting!).

Written by Year 6 pupils

"This is me drinking green tea. I thought it was lovely and warm. It tasted of mint and I drank it all."

Year 5


"We had green tea and not many people enjoyed the taste of it. However, we had these rice crackers covered in caramel and seeweed I think, and quite a few people liked those!"

Year 6


"I actually really liked the tea and the Japanese sweet. It tasted of sushi and the tea was really tingly on your tongue"

Year 6

"Japanese tea was a bit less tasty than I thought it would be but I enjoyed the experience. I would like to have it more often but I think I might prefer Chinese tea which we drink at home."

Year 6

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