1. Eri -- collar

2. Kata haba -- shoulder width

3. Sode haba -- sleeve width

4. Yuki -- sleeve + shoulder width

5. Sodetake -- sleeve depth

6. Suso -- hem

7. Ushiro haba -- back width

8. Sensui -- back mid seam

9. Mitake -- length from shoulder to hem 

 These are some pictures of us wearing some kimonos!

What is a Kimono 

A kimono is a garment worn by men,women and children.Kimono means "thing to wear".A kimono is a T-shaped robe.They are mostly worn by women on special occasions.Men mostly wear kimonos at weddings and tea ceremonies.Professional sumo wrestlers are often seen in the kimono because they are told to wear traditional kimonos in public.


The kimono was around since 710 !

When a man reaches the age of 60 they have to participate in a ceremony and they have to wear a red kimono.

A wedding kimono is called   "uchikake.

Written by pupils in Year 6

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