One afternoon, we learned how to make sushi!

we put lots of ingredients in the sushi.

We put cucumber, carrots, rice, pepper, soy sauce and of course sea weed (nori)

It was very fun but even more messy.

Here is how to make sushi:

1) First, get a big piece of sea weed and cut it up into four equal squares.

2) After that, you can put a variety of things in your sushi but we just put the things above.

3) Meanwhile, go and get some sticky rice and place an even amount of it on your piece of sushi

4) Then put any vegetables of your choice on top of the sushi

5) Finally roll up the sea weed and you will have your perfect sushi

We like to dip our sushi in soy sauce and wasabi but not to much or your mouth will set on fire. 

written by Year 5 pupils

" When I was little I had my first ever experience at Yo Sushi and my dad was on the phone so I decided to put lots of wasabi on my sushi roll (not knowing what it was ) so when I tried it AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my mouth set on fire !!!!!!!!!!" Ellie year 5 

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