We have learned all about Japan in the classroom!

This is our favourite Japanese song! It is "Mary had a Little Lamb" in Japanese!

About Us


We are Year 4, 5 and Year 6 children. This year, we have started learning all about Japan. 

At the beginning of September, we didn't know too much about Japan. But then during our "Enrichment" lesson, we were introduced to loads of different aspects of Japanese culture.

We became interested in Japan because our teacher, Miss Fenton, studied Japanese at university and also lived in Japan for one year. So she has taught us a lot!

In the last few weeks, we have also been learning how to create our own websites, using Yola. We have therefore used our ICT skills to create this website!


We go to a school in the West of London. Our school is quite small which is great because it means that we are all very close friends.

I hope that you enjoying reading about all the activities that we have done so far this year!

This is what we have learned about.....please click on the icons above to read about them in greater detail! 


Japanese Tea Ceremony





The tsunami and earthquake



"This is an amazing website; I am so impressed by how much the children have learned about Japanese culture!" -- Miss Sowerby, Hammersmith

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